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There’s no doubt about it: if you’re serious about fishing, you need to know the different types of fishing reels.

In order to choose the right fishing reel, you have to make sure that you are selecting one that will work for the rod you are using. Once you know what rod you are going to buy, you can then start considering what reel to use. Not sure how to go about finding the right reel? No worries! In this guide, we’ll break it down for you by providing you with all of the important information you need to know in order to get the best reel.

There are three main types of fishing reels: spincast, spinning and baitcast. All three share the same principle: casting a line to the desired location. But, each type has its own functions and features. Being aware of the differences between these functions and features will help you decide which one will be the best option for your specific needs.

Here’s an in-depth look at these three types of fishing reels, including their advantages and disadvantages, and what each type is best used for.

The Spincast Fishing Reel

Zebco 33 Spincast Reel

Zebco 33 Spincast Reel

The spincast fishing reel features a closed face; all of the important components are kept inside, underneath a nose cone. The fishing line is fed out of a hole in the cover. There’s a button on the back of the reel, which you press down while you are casting forward. When you press on the button while casting, the line pushes out, and when you let go of the button, the line stops.

The spincast reel is very easy to use, which makes it an ideal choice for beginning fishermen. You won’t have to deal with any backlash, and there is much less of a chance of getting your line twisted or snaring. The spincast reel is also the least expensive out of all three types of fishing reels. There is a downside to the spincast reel, however: the line isn’t as accurate and doesn’t go as far as it would with other types of fishing reels.



The Spinning Fishing Reel

Spinning Reel

Penn Spinfisher V

This is the most popular type of fishing reel. It features an open faced design and it is pretty easy to cast, even for beginners. They cast quickly, are much more accurate and cast much further than spincasting reels. The spinning fishing reel also has great line capacity, which means that you can put a decent amount of line onto it. You can also buy spincasting reels with an extra spool, which will make it easier to change out your line when you are on the water.

The spinning fishing reel has a fixed spool that allows the line to flow freely on the cast, making it a great option for light lures. The reel hangs underneath the rod, so it has a nice, balanced feeling. This type of reel is ideal for anglers that have experience under their belts; they can be tricky for beginners to get the hang of.

Though spinning fishing reels do cast further and they are much more accurate than spincasting reels, they are more expensive. Additionally, this type of reel usually doesn’t perform as well if you are going to be using a heavier line with it.



The Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Baitcasting Reel

Baitcasting Reel

The baitcasting fishing reel is the most advanced style of all three types of reels. This means that they require a lot of skill and practice in order to effectively cast them, so they are best used by anglers who have quite a bit of experience under their belts.

With a baitcast fishing reel, the spool rotates as the line is released. Though they are more difficult to master than the spincasting and spinning reels, they do offer the most accuracy and distance, so once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to really step up your fishing game with the baitcast reel. This type of fishing reel also offers a fast and power retrieve, making them great to use for catching larger, heavier, faster, and harder fighting fish.

Though a baitcast reel definitely offers the best accuracy and distance, it is prone to backlashing and line tangles. You really need to be in control of feeding out the line with your thumb when using this type of reel. Additionally, the baitcast reel is the most expensive of all three types of fishing reels.



Which Type of Reel Should You Purchase?

Now that you have a basic understanding of each of the three different types of fishing reels and how they work, it’s time to decide which one to buy. Which one is the best choice for you?

If you are new to fishing, the spincasting fishing reel is the best choice for you. It’s the easiest reel to use and there is very little chance of backlashing and line tangling, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with these challenges when you are just getting started out.

For intermediate anglers, the spinning fishing reel is an excellent choice. It gives you much more distance and better accuracy. Though they are harder to master than the spincasting fishing reel, once you have some experience under your belt, you should be able to master this type of reel in no time.

For the most experienced anglers, the baitcasting reel is definitely the way to go. It holds heavier lines and gives you much more power, making it a great choice for heavier, faster swimming fish that like to fight. It does take some time to get used to fishing with this type of reel, and you will definitely need to get some practice; however, once you master it, you will definitely notice a marked improvement in your fishing abilities with the baitcasting fishing reel.

No matter what your experience level is, there is a fishing reel out there for you. Make sure you purchase a reel that works with your rod and that you are comfortable with holding and casting, and you’ll really be able to enjoy fishing.

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